fibrosol™ is a plant-based soluble dietary prebiotic fiber supplement sourced from corn. It aids relief of constipation, bowel regularity, growth of beneficial gut bacteria & healthy digestive system naturally with ease.
Resistant Maltodextrin (soluble dietary prebiotic fiber from corn).
Consuming 25 grams of fiber per day is necessary for a healthy gut. Regular consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains will help the body to function regularly. However, due to the hectic lifestyle of the modern day, it is difficult to adhere to a well balanced diet. Fiber supplements like fibrosol is recommended to help one achieve the required daily fiber intake for a healthy digestive system.
Usually gastrointestinal related and are mild and transient, including diarrhea, flatulence.
Abnormalities of gastrointestinal tract.
Adults: Take 1-2 sachets of fibrosol™ daily.

Children: Take 1/2 to 1 sachet of fibrosol™ daily. For children below 6 years, consult your pediatrician.

Add contents of sachet into beverage of choice and stir well until dissolved. Mix contents with food of choice.

The taste and texture of the food and beverage will not be affected.
fibrosol™ is unflavored and taste-free. It dissolves totally and does not affect the taste and texture of the food or beverage in which it is added to.
fibrosol™ is available as 5gram powder in sachet and comes in a box of 30s.
Store in a cool dry place below 30°C. Do not consume if sachet is torn.