Why Fibrosol

Fibrosol Prebiotic aids growth of beneficial gut bacteria, healthy digestive system, relief of constipation and bowel regularity naturally with ease.

 Plant-based Plant-based

Soluble and taste-free prebiotic fiber sourced from corn

 Plant-based Healthy Gut

Aids growth of beneficial bacteria and helps maintain a healthy digestive system

 Plant-based Ease

Consume with your preferred food & beverage of choice


Product Features and Benefits

Does not affect taste & texture of food & beverages
Plant-based prebiotic fiber sourced from corn
Dissolves and mixes easily in an instant
Enables users to add to their food & beverage of choice
Soluble and does not form into a gel
Helps users supplement daily fiber intake easily with less bloating

Plant-based Prebiotic

Fibrosol Prebiotic is sourced from corn


Texture & Flavor

Fibrosol Prebiotic possesses low viscosity and clean taste, thereby allowing users to enjoy the original taste and texture of their food and beverage



Fibrosol Prebiotic has excellent solubility and dispersibility, therefore it does not form into a gel


Effective daily fiber supplement

Fibrosol Prebiotic enables users to supplement their daily requirement of fiber with ease and less bloating